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Managing COVID Testing

Despite the lack of educational visits, EVOLVE has continued to support schools and colleges during the COVID pandemic. From making it easier to access communication tools whilst working from home, to using consent tools to ascertain which key worker children and vulnerable learners will continue to attend school, EVOLVE proved to be a valuable tool for many schools during the initial lock-down.
More recently, many schools have utilised the built-in COVID Testing consent feature to streamline the process of gaining consent from parents/carers for students to take part in the mass on-site LFT COVID testing programme.
Schools are now moving to the next phase of COVID recovery where students will be conducting their COVID testing at home. Whilst this will hopefully ease some of the burden, there are still significant demands on schools, not least those related to the management and co-ordination of the home testing programme.
The great news is that EVOLVE is here to help again.
The EVOLVE team are pleased to announce the release of a new free module to support schools and colleges in the management of their COVID Testing programme. All schools and colleges that subscribe to EVOLVE+ or EVOLVEpremium can activate this new free module now by simply logging onto EVOLVE and clicking the link on the home page.

What is EVOLVE COVID Testing?

EVOLVE COVID Testing is a new free module that provides schools with the ability to easily:
  • Collect COVID test results from parents/carers
  • Collect COVID test results from staff
  • Provide instant feedback to parents/carers upon submission of positive test results
  • Notify key staff upon submission of a positive test result
  • Monitor all submitted test results
  • Track results by pupil, tutor group and year group
  • View all students/staff that are currently self-isolating
  • Easily identify when staff/students are 'required' to submit another test result
  • Easily identify when students/staff with a positive test result should be returning

Why Choose EVOLVE COVID Testing?

  1. Free to use*
  2. Secure system
  3. No software to install
  4. Use on desktop, tablet or mobile devices
  5. Staff can use existing EVOLVE user credentials
  6. No need for students/parents to sign up
  7. Easy to manage
  8. Simple and quick for parents

Next Steps

If you are an existing EVOLVE+ or EVOLVEpremium user:

In order to activate this new free tool, simply log onto EVOLVE and click on the [COVID Testing Management] button on the home page. Note: For schools that subscribe to EVOLVE+ the module must be activated by a "Head" account, and for schools that subscribe to EVOLVEpremium it must be activated by an EVOLVE Administrator account.
Once you have activated the module you will be taken to the settings page where you can:
Further information can be found in the user guide, which can be accessed via the Help Centre at the top right hand corner of your EVOLVE screen.

If you are an NOT an existing EVOLVE+ or EVOLVEpremium user:

If you are currenlty using the basic version of EVOLVE via a Local Authority or Trust then contact your EVOLVE Administrator first as they may be a member of the EVOLVE Partner Programme and can activate EVOLVE+ for you. If your EVOLVE Admnistrator cannot help you with this, or are not an existing EVOLVE user then contac the EVOLVE team at info@edufocus.co.uk or 01394 775 250.
* EVOLVE COVID Testing module is included free for all EVOLVE+ and EVOLVEpremium subscriptions.